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State Dental Association Insurance Trust

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The State Dental Association Insurance Trust was created for the sole purpose of unifying state dental associations to leverage greater purchasing power.

This allows us to offer the best possible insurance coverage to members. Newfront Insurance partners exclusively with brokers who are endorsed or owned by state dental associations.

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We currently partner with the following associations:

Texas Dental Association

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"My experience with applying for disability insurance through Missouri Dental Association’s new program was great. After reviewing my complete health history, they offered me comprehensive coverage with no riders and the monthly premium was extremely reasonable.

Alan R.


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Like most insurance policies, insurance policies offered by MetLife and its affiliates contain certain exclusions, exceptions, reductions, limitations, waiting periods and terms for keeping them in force.

Group insurance coverage is issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY 10166. Policies offered through Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Group Policy #227753-1- G. Eligibility to age 60 working 20 hours per week. Coverage termination at age 75. Benefit Duration RBD w/SSNRA. Pre-Existing Condition Limitation-6/12. Received medical treatment, consultation, care, services or prescribed medication in 6 months prior to certificate issuance results in a disability in the first 12 months of coverage. Lifetime maximum of 24 months for metal or nervous disorders, alcohol, drug or substance abuse. Rates shown are annual premium. Rates may be changed with notification to group policy holder. Exclusions for war, active participation in a riot, intentionally self-inflicted injuries, attempted suicide or commission of or attempt to commit a felony. Definition of disability changes to any occupation at age 65. Disability benefits amounts may be reduced if benefits are paid to you for state, public or federal retirement plans, income received under a contributory retirement plan, income received while work under provisions of the rehabilitation incentives, or recovery amounts from a third-party judgement or settlement. Coverage continues as long as premium is paid on time, remain a member, have not reached age 75, remain in an eligible class insurance continues for your class, association continues to participate in the trust and the policy remains in force. Please see the certificate of insurance for policy details.

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